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The Berry family has a long tradition of Christian publication, dating back to 1933 in California.  In the 1940’s, W.J Berry left his lucrative job building aircraft at Douglas MacArthur to begin pastoring and building a print ministry in North Carolina.  This was certainly a huge step of faith and the Lord led the entire way.

W. J. edited and published Sovereign Grace & Pilgrim from the early 1930’s and produced the Old Faith Contender from 1940 to 1980.  He founded a Church Library in Elon, North Carolina, which holds an enormous collection of Christian literature dating back to the 1600’s.

His youngest son, Glen Berry, has been in Christian publishing for 60 years, continuing his father’s work.  Glen produced Youth’s Living Ideals, a comprehensive magazine for young Christians, from the 1960’s to the 1980’s, printed countless other Christian works, both original and re-prints.  To this day, Glen still produces a steady flow of material through Primitive Publications.

Glen’s work is focused on the proper doctrines of God, which can be difficult to understand.  However, for years, Glen has written countless pieces, all based on Scripture, which break down the doctrines of God into very understandable pieces.  He also weaves the old Puritan writers into his work, making their thoughts applicable to today.

Now, Glen’s work is being uploaded online at  We encourage you to spend a few minutes, reading a piece or two.  We don’t have to understand everything about God, but it’s difficult to love a God we don’t know.

Glen and his wife, Maryanne


W. J. Berry and his wife Mabel Macena