Healthy God, Healthy You

Healthy God, Healthy You

The book is now available on Amazon, via paperback and Kindle!

Does your faith in God and the work of Jesus Christ inspire you to eat healthier exercise regularly?  If that question leaves you a bit puzzled, this book is for you.  Healthy God, Healthy You dives deep into God’s Word to reveal an approach to weight loss that doesn’t rely on your willpower, but on the resurrected Jesus Christ to break the bonds of food addictions and a sedentary lifestyle.  Though in the health and fitness industry since 2002, Joshua Crawford fights his own battles against comfort foods and exercise.  Written while losing 40 pounds, he uses his experience, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and a born again heart for Jesus Christ to discover how Biblical principles apply to practical, everyday issues like our nutrition and fitness.  If you’re hungry for God to impact your health, including your weight, Healthy God, Healthy You is the answer.

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